Welcome to my “Weather Tales” web site. I became interested in weather many years ago while obtaining my pilot’s license. Also working outside in the elements as a telephone lineman and then installer made me more aware of the constantly changing weather and it’s patterns. This led to an immense interest in “weather lore” which earned me the nickname of “The Weatherman” from many of my co-workers and friends. Needless to say, my favorite TV programs are on the Weather Channel. The stories will cover weather folklore, weather related events of the past, such as Washington’s winter encampment at Valley Forge, inaugural day weather, Lindbergh’s flight and similar stories timed for the occasion. I will also have articles on the coldest, hottest, wettest, and driest places in the world, and stories about tornadoes, hurricanes and floods. These will all be historic articles, hopefully with a humorous twist, all timed for the proper season of the year. Some of my other interests are woodworking, woodcarving, clock repair, reading, photography, traveling and amateur radio. I welcome any comments that you would like to make about the site, both positive and negative, and any suggestions you may have to make this site better. My e-mail address is dennis [AT] weathertales.com. Thanks Dennis Gordon